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 Welcome. I am a  life-long student of intuition, energetics and Chi flow.  It is with my strong belief that all things are possible that allows me to mentally connect with any species. Through meditation, I establish conversations with animals that bring insights into their needs, wants, issues and behaviors. With this information the human caregivers gain a greater understanding of the animals they live with and how to enhance their quality of life. Once that is understood and attended to, then the quality of life of each individual in the family is enhanced. I work from my location with a picture of the animals and some basic facts. Then I meditate and connect. After that, I discuss the findings with the caregiver and together we decipher the path forward. Helping animals and people connect in this way is my life purpose. I love helping animals live the most fulfilled lives possible and helping  people live the most fulfilled lives with their animals. 

During the communication sessions with animals, I am also able to assess their energetics. If they show meridian imbalances I am available  to address those issues  with in-person sessions of Reiki, Acupressure and/or craniosacral techniques. Please contact me for pricing and availability of animal wellness sessions.

I am also a meditation and Reiki teacher and facilitator. I lead a group meditation in Gardiner once a week and plan to offer more meditation opportunities in the near future. Please send me an email or give me a call to discuss meditation and human Reiki offerings or look to the events section of this site for more information.

 I work with all kinds of animals, reptiles and birds from large to small and from pet to athlete.  And, humans, too!

I am not a veterinarian, nor do I claim to be one or to practice veterinary medicine. I do not diagnose, treat, operate or prescribe for any animal disease, injury, deformity or physical condition. What I offer is complementary to the regular veterinary care that you provide your animal. 




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Animal Telepathic Communicator

Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) 

Certified Teacher and Practitioner

Shelter Volunteer

Animal Reiki Source-

Let Animals Lead® Method 

Created by Kathleen Prasad

 Certified Animal Reiki Teacher 

Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner 

Third Degree Reiki Master - Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage

NBCAAM Certified Large and Small Animal

 Acupressure Practitioner

Certified Equine Craniosacral Technique Therapist

Certified Equine Sports Massage Practitioner 

Meditation 101 and 201 Course (30 hours total) 




Meditation Circle EVERY WEDNESDAY!!

7:00 pm - 7:45pm

Stonewave Yoga Studio 2694 US44 Gardiner NY 12525 Stonewaveyoga.com


Meditation Circle EVERY WEDNESDAY!!

Join other still-minded individuals for our once-monthly guided and personal Meditation Circle for anyone wanting to start a practice, who i...

7:00 pm - 7:45pm

Stonewave Yoga Studio 2694 US44 Gardiner NY 12525 Stonewaveyoga.com


Reiki with Animals-Shoden Reiki Level 1 Let Animals Lead ® Method

9am - 4pm each day

Gardiner Library 133 Farmers Tpke Gardiner NY 845-255-1255


Reiki with Animals-Shoden Reiki Level 1 Let Animals Lead ® Method

A two-day interactive program, Reiki with Animals – Shoden Level 1 Let Animals Lead ® Method by Kathleen Prasad provides a foundation for sh...

9am - 4pm each day

Gardiner Library 133 Farmers Tpke Gardiner NY 845-255-1255

POSTPONED until Fall

Complementary and Alternative Modalities for Animals Class

6pm - 8pm both days


POSTPONED until Fall

Complementary and Alternative Modalities for Animals Class

In-depth class in Complementary and Alternative Modalities for Animals. We will delve more deeply into each modality and others not listed. ...

6pm - 8pm both days


POSTPONED 04/26/2020

Presentation: Complementary Therapies with Horses

10 am - 12:00 pm

Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center 1433 Route 17A Warwick NY

POSTPONED 04/26/2020

Presentation: Complementary Therapies with Horses

Join me for a presentation about the benefits and uses of Complementary and Alternative modalities for your animals. All of your "what are t...

10 am - 12:00 pm

Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center 1433 Route 17A Warwick NY


         Amy S 2020      

"Tenney has changed the way my horse and I interact with each other in the most amazing way. She helped us move past a loss that we were both grieving that was holding us back. After just one session with Tenney, it was like meeting my horse all over again. We were both open to moving forward, and Tenney helped us understand each other. My shut down, shy horse blossomed into a happy, confident girl that I am thrilled to be best friends with. I learned so much about myself also, and the part I was playing in my horse's issues. We are thrilled with our new relationship, and I can say I don't think either of us have ever been happier. Thank you Tenney for giving us a true gift " us ".

       Jodi F 2020

"Tenney has been a tremendous help with my aging gelding, Joe. He came to us from a rescue situation, and we had heard several stories about his history. Tenney was able to connect with him, learn some of his wants and needs, and allow us to begin focusing on what is best for him.  We greatly appreciate having such an insightful partner in our horse's life!"

          Micelle B 2020

"I am thrilled to have all of the information that you were able to gather from Flash (bird). Especially since I don't have the depth of knowledge about birds like I do with some other animals. You most definitely were in contact with Flash and have put my mind at ease with some of my questions and given me new information to research with others. Would 100% do this again. Thank you very much."

         Sue H 2020

"A great big Thank You Tenney Gravatt!! I thought it might be fun to see what she said about my horse, Blake...I had no idea how accurate and helpful she would be!! She was spot on. Then I asked her to tell Blake if he could try to be good for the vet. He has always been terrified of the vet to the point where I need to give him an oral sedative before they arrive, just so they can give him a stronger one when they get here. And many times he pops out of it and needs even more...this all just for vaccinations and coggins. Well, Tenney talked to him and told him I would never bring a mean person to work on him. Guess what!?! The oral sedative was enough and although he still was scared, there was absolutely no fight at all!!! So proud of my boy to show such courage and trust. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Tenney!!!! 

I will be contacting you again."

              Julie M 2019

"It is hard to express in words how much Tenney has helped with our pets. She was able to to help us through the last months with our beloved corgi. We were able to understand her quirks, what she wanted to eat, and what made her happy. It was like our dog guided us through her passing and made it so much easier to let her go. I can't thank Tenney enough for that. When communicating with our other animals Tenney was able to let us know if they were in pain, what happened to cause certain conditions so we could make a plan to regain their health. It has been an absolute joy to hear what they are thinking, what they like to do, what their concerns ar and how we can make our relationships better. There have been so many things they've told Tenney that there's no way she could have known. I have no doubt the thoughts she has shared with me are my silly animals. Their personalities shine through to her in their communications. This is the best thing I've ever done with our pets, I would strongly recommend including Tenney in your pets lives. She is the real deal! After her communication sessions she was able to meet all of them in person and it was like they recognized her. Truly a wonderful experience."

                    Paula M 2019

"Tenney is the real deal. When she read one of my horses, he said I was obsessed with his tail. I started laughing. He is a beautiful gray whose tail gets very dirty.  When we are going out in public, I frequently have to wash his tail 3-5 times to get it clean! She was able to communicate some helpful hints for both of us that have made our relationship even better. My retired horse got a vacation from his therapeutic riding job due to Tenney's talk with him. He reverted back to his 4 year old self as he was so happy. Thanks Tenney!"

                     Leslie P 2019

"Tenney is a gem.  She is a true animal whisperer, and a delightful and talented person to know. Tenney was able to connect with Candy, our beautiful, but skittish Tuxedo cat.  Candy has a sweet nature, but she would typically hide from, or hiss at, anyone but me.  My daughter felt slighted, and I felt at a loss; I wanted to “help” both of them.  I felt badly that Candy seemed so anxious and frightened so much of the time.  Tenney communicated with Candy, and she opened up a new way for us to read and interpret Candy’s behaviors and needs.  That broader awareness allowed for a shift in the house, so when it came time for me to introduce my partner and her dog as guests to our household, I consulted with Tenney about ways that I could make a smoother transition for Candy. (And for all of us.)  Most recently, I consulted with Tenney about bringing Candy on vacation to my partner’s house at the beach.  In the past, I wouldn’t have considered bringing Candy.  I had always thought, and had even read that, “cats prefer their homes to their people;” that the travel and strange surroundings would be too unsettling. This time, my gut told me that Candy would feel lonely by herself, with only the cat sitter for company twice a day. I wanted to bring Candy, but only if it wouldn’t create anxiety for her.  Tenney connected with Candy, and got a resounding sense that Candy wanted to go on the trip.  Tenney was able to help me think through the logistics of the trip, and how to best keep Candy comfortable.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tenney and her loving and caring spirit." 

               Sarah D 2018

"Communication is such a vital part of ANY relationship; and so many of us struggle with our animals. Tenney Gravatt can help! Not only does she have an extraordinary love for animals; she has the rare gift of communcation with them. Most of us can understand the wagging tail or the prance in the step, but I couldn't understand why one of my doggies wasn't eating and kept barking at certain people. Tenney was able to help from afar. Some may find this difficult to believe, but there really ARE a select few gifted humans who can connect with our animals on a different level than the rest of us; Tenney is one of those special people. Highly Recommend."

             Melanie C 2016

"Our dog, Loretta, loved to chase bikes and bite bike tires. One day she went as far as grabbing a bike tire and flipping a man off of his bicycle. We were fortunate that he was not hurt. She's not an aggressive dog, but those bike tires got her going. We reached out to Tenney for help and she was there in an instant. She listened to our concerns and needs and then worked with Loretta.  Loretta has not chased a bike tire since and she's had plenty of opportunity since we live right on the road and right on the cycling path. Tenney literally saved the day! Loretta is so much happier and so are well. It's a relief to know that people enjoying a bike ride are safe passing our house.

                Sarah H 2016

"You have become a daily household name. We so love the glimpse into Lucy that you provided us that now when we interpret Lucy's chiding glances or happy capers or apologetic ears - we imagine her telling us 'well, Tenney said that I should express myself' or some such. You are, in our world, Lucy's best friend and a part of the family...we did see a difference, that continues to this day. Lucy became more brave; she now willingly takes risks (like walking to unknown areas) that before she'd have absolutely refused to and she approaches people with much more confidence. We love our Lucy so much and she is such a sweet dog - it broke our heart to see her paralyzed with anxiety and we hated to wonder what from her past was being triggered. Thank you Tenney for your kind, compassionate attention to her - it helped us understand her and make her world a bit more comfortable."




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Thank you for joining me in facilitating an enhanced quality of life for both animals and humans.


Complementary Therapies with Horses

Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center

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Half of proceeds for this event will be donated to Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center in Warwick New York. If you are a shelter staff person please contact Tenney directly for reservations. Thank you.


Shoden and Reiki Level 1 - Let Animals Lead ® Method

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Held at the Gardiner Library in Gardiner,  New York

March 21 and 22, 2020

Please contact Tenney directly if you are an animal shelter employee!